11th August 2016

Werrington Library is currently hosting the ‘Peterborough in the Great War’ touring exhibition.  The temporary exhibition consist of four pop-up banners which cover a number of topics including the causes of the War,  life in the trenches, with examples of local soldier’s experiences.  There is also an section about the attitudes in the city towards the German families, including the riots against the Frank family, Edith Cavell’s story and Peterborough Companies who were involved in war work including Baker Perkins.  You can find out more about the temperance movement and their involvement in the tea room at Peterborough’s East Railway Station and the visitor’s books which were signed by servicemen passing through the city between 1916 to 1917.

Please call the library (01733 864282) or check the website for opening times. http://bit.ly/2bjIFQE



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