A Jerwin



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    Cheshire Regiment


After extensive research, it has not been possible to positively identify this soldier, as we are still unsure of the spelling of his surname.  It was originally transcribed as “Jerwin”, but we failed to find any soldiers with this name in a search of military records.  We also checked various spellings: Jarwin, Jarwis and Jawiss, then Serwin, Sarwin, Serwis and Sarwis, but we were unable to find any records with these spellings.  The only name with a similar spelling, serving with the Cheshire Regiment, was Alfred Jewiss, with regimental number 58725.  However, we were unable to find a service record to compare signatures, but we found the medal records indicating that he was awarded the British War and Allied Victory medals.

If so, he passed through Peterborough East Station on 14 September 1917 and wrote in the visitors’ book “Thanks for the Refreshments & Comfort in which I sincerely Apreciate.”  He also wrote “Late of the Captives (or) Orpheus Trio”, but we have been unable to find any references to explain what this may mean.

Are you able to help us identify this soldier?  Do get in touch if you can help.

Campaign Medals

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