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    HMS Hilderbrand


C J Jarvis was serving with the Royal Navy Reserve on HMS Hildebrand when he passed through Peterborough East Station on 21 September 1916 and wrote in the visitors’ book:

“Little grains of powder
Little dabs of paint
Makes a womans wrinkles
Look what they ain’t

Many thanks for the kindness shown at the Peterboro Soldiers & Sailors rest”

No military records have been found for C J Jarvis.  Could he be related to you?  Do get in touch if you can help us to identify him.

HMS Hildebrand was an armed merchant cruiser with a crew of 30 officers and 270 other ranks.  The ship was docked in Glasgow from 14 – 23 September 1916, departing from Glasgow at 9.20pm on Saturday 23rd.  Jarvis’s book entry is written on 21 September 1916, which may suggest that he was returning to his ship.  The ship was part of the Northern Patrol (10th Cruiser Squadron) from December 1914 to December 1916.  From the Ship’s log, its role appears to have been boarding and checking shipping in the North West from Liverpool to Stornoway.

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