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  • Date of Birth
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  • Resided town
  • Commemorated
  • Nationality
  • Place of death
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  • Occupation

Service Information

  • Civilian - Aeronautical Inspection Department

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  • Rank


D Williams passed through Peterborough East Station and signed the visitors’ book on 28 December 1916.  He wrote ‘”Extract from The Kings Regulations for Officers” (1). When in doubt say:- Carry on Sergeant!  Many thanks.  A token of appreciation for the kind Ladies whose self denial is a (boon & a blessing) to all stranded Soldiers & Sailors at Peterboro’.

Unfortunately, D Williams has not been positively identified.  In the visitors’ book he stated he was serving with the AID, which we believe to be the Aeronautical Inspection Department whose headquarters were at Farnborough.  This department carried out inspections of aircraft and supplies of all kinds connected with flying such as, balloons, hangars, tents, machine tools, raw materials, fabrics and a variety of general equipment. Many trades were involved in these detailed inspections requiring a vast technical knowledge in all areas.  To find out more follow this link

We are not sure if D Williams was in one of the armed services or was in fact a civilian worker.

Is your name Williams?  Did your relative do this kind of work?  Do get in touch if you can tell us more.

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