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    Royal Engineers


Sapper E J Currey was serving with the Royal Engineers Army Postal Service and stationed at Lynford Hall, Mundford, Suffolk when he passed through Peterborough East Station and signed the visitors’ book on 4 July 1916.

He wrote a lengthy poem about his early and weary arrival at Peterborough Station:

Of sleep bereft, all tousel-tossed
He hied him to where soldiers dossed by night and day.
The femme de chambre with a smile
Said, “Come inside, and rest awhile,
Rest while you may.”
“But first come here to the light
And poetry in my book please write
At dawn ‘o day”
Of sleep bereft, all tousel-tossed
He said I’ll write when I have dossed

T’was dawn ‘o day
He slept, and dreamt he wrote this rot
So wrote it down lest t’were forgot
t’was dawn ‘o day.
Oh, femme de chambre tell me pray
Who writes poetry at dawn ‘o day?

We have been unable to trace any records for this soldier.  Is your family name Currey?  Do you recognise this poem?  Please get in touch if you can help.

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