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Service Information

  • Royal Navy

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  • Ship
    Minesweeper 307


Mr F Spiller was serving on Minesweeper Ship Yucca 307 when he passed through Peterborough East Station on 2 November 1916.  He wrote in the visitors’ book, “Pot of tea for the Boys, and don’t forget the sweets.”

Minesweeper 307, was originally Trawler T.R. Ferens (H1027), which was put into use by the Admiralty as a minesweeper in May 1915.  It embarked to Arkangel (White Sea, Russia) on 22 June 1915, arriving on 6 July 1915.   It was repaired after being mined on 13 July 1915.

We have been unable to find any further information on Mr Spiller.  Do get in touch if you can tell us more.


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