RJ Davis



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    R J
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  • Place of death
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  • Occupation

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  • Regiment
    Army Service Corps


Private Davis passed through Peterborough East Station and signed the visitors’ book on 31 May 1917.  He wrote “My heartfelt thanks for a peaceful rest & kind welcome extended to me by the waitresses of The Sailors & Soldiers Rest Room Peterboro’ Station on my journey to Ireland. May success & prosperity be the fruits of all your undertakings is the sincere wishes.” He described himself as ‘Late of 301st Labour Company, Thetford’.

The Labour Corps was formed on 1 April 1917 and employed personnel who were generally medically of a lower grade or older than the infantrymen at the front.  Generally personnel over the age of 35 were also enlisted into the Labour Corps. The Corps was treated as something of a second class organisation and men who died are commemorated under their original regiment, with Labour Corps being secondary.  For further information about the Labour Corps please see the following website

When Private Davis passed through Peterborough East Station he stated in the visitors’ book that he was on his ‘journey to Ireland’.

Please get in touch if you can if you can help identify this soldier.

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