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    Royal Army Medical Corps


Corporal S Wells of the Royal Army Medical Corps passed through Peterborough East Station on 2 November 1916 and wrote the following verse in the visitors’ book:

“I wonder why you do it,
You women staunch & true,
Who watch for, and wait on us,
‘Tis nothing that we do.
We simply do our duty,
As every man should do.
And though it’s hard and dreary
You help us on the road,
You cheer us when we’re weary
And help us with our load,
You give us courage to continue,
And for you we’ll win the day,
Ay. And when the war is over
Theres nothing we won’t do
For the women who have shewn us
That they also can be true
For your kindness my deepest thanks”

We have been unable to trace any records relating to this soldier.

Is your family name Wells?  Do you recognise this poem?  Please get in touch if you can tell us more about Corporal Wells.



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