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T N Lincoln passed through Peterborough East Station and signed the visitors’ book on 28 December 1916.  He signed the book ‘AID Norwich‘ which is thought to refer to the Aeronautical Inspectorate Division and wrote:

“When years of war have glided by,
And on this page you cast your eye,

Please think that it was a quiet sincere,

Who spent 3 glorious hours here.
With Kindest regards to all concerned


The Aeronautical Inspectorate Division headquarters were at Farnborough and carried out inspections of aircraft and supplies of all kinds connected with flying such as, balloons, hangars, tents, machine tools, raw materials, fabrics and a variety of general equipment. Many trades were involved in these detailed inspections requiring a vast technical knowledge in all areas.  To find out more follow this link

We have been unable to find out any further information about T N LincolnWe are unsure as to whether he was in the services or a civilian. Do you recognise the name Lincoln?  Was a relative of yours involved in this type of work? Please get in touch if you can help us to identify this man.

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